Daisy Flower Extract

(Bellis Perennis)

Botany & Composition

Family: Asteraceae.

1000s of species of daisies exist. It is most common for them to have white petals that surround the yellow centre of the flower. This low lying plant, found in meadows, gardens and plains, grows from several inches to several feet but most commonly grows from 6" to a foot in height.

Geography: Native to Europe but has been naturalized in Australia and North America.

Historical Uses

Promotes even skin tone & brightness (due to naturally occurring L-arbutin, malic acid and tartic acids) and deliver a fresher more youthful appearance. Found in lotions, creams and toners.

Stories & Legends

Daisies are a symbol for innocence and purity. The flower opens during the day, and follows the sun. In the evening and during bad weather the flower closes. Given that, it is not surprising the name Daisy comes from the words 'Daes Eage" Anglo Saxon for "days eye".

Found In

Active Oil Free Moisturiser